World Fashion Started After The Industrial Revolution In The 19th Century

The power of fashion started after the industrial revolution, 19th Century stimulated lots of progress in arts and design such as fashion houses run by individual designers and fashion firms. The first designer known to us is Charles Frederick Worth where his clothes carried his own label. Read This: Moesha Boduong Looking Fashionable In This All White Dress Regarding...

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Top 10 Fashion Illustrators In Ghana That You Should Know

Communicating through fashion started with illustration, drawing and painting which is generally known as art. It is commissioned for reproduction in fashion magazines as editorial feature for the purpose of advertising and promoting fashion makers, boutiques and department stores. Illustration is basically an addiction to the fashion industry. Read This: Why Fashion Designers Need to Have Online Shops In...

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Here Are The Three Most Important Types Of Fashion You Should Know

The garments produced by clothing manufacturers fall into three main categories, although these may be split up into additional, more specific categories. Read This: Here Is What It Means To Wear Waist Beads In The Ewe Culture Haute Couture Until the 1950s, fashion clothing was predominately designed and manufactured on a made-to-measure or haute couture basis (French for high-sewing),...

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